Book Publishing Process

The Book Publishing Process and how long it takes.

So how does the book publishing process work?

Once you have written you book this is how a successful submission will work.

  1. You have written and proof read you book. You are confident the manuscript is presentable.Fact or Fiction Books
  2. We recommend that you date stamp a copy of your manuscript. Saving the file on a service such as googledrive is free and ensures that your story is yours and nobody can lay-claim to your hard work.
  3. You submit your manuscript in .doc or .docx format to  along with a synopsis of the book including how the story ends.
  4. We read your manuscript and decide if we want to publish it.
  5. We will email you with the good news and detail what we are offering including financial considerations .
  6. If this acceptable you reply and a publishing contract is sent to you.
  7. You return the contract and we get to work on publishing your book.
  8. Publication takes on average 6 weeks, but this is a ‘how long is a piece of string’ estimate, as there are so many variables. We do keep you informed of progress.

Until you sign and return the publishing contract, neither you, nor Fact or Fiction Books are obligated to publish.

Fact or Fiction Books publishers accepting manuscripts